Just Dreams is dedicated to publishing works that represent some of the most important movements in contemporary music and art and embrace the vital link between Eastern and Western traditions. With the availability of thousands of hours of music, videos and numerous important writings by La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela, Pandit Pran Nath, Richard Maxfield, Terry Jennings, Jung Hee Choi and others, Just Dreams’ archival resources document over five decades of cutting edge avant-garde creativity and the living tradition of Indian classical music. Much of this work involves the principles of just intonation and rational number based tuning systems thus inspiring the company’s name, Just Dreams.

Founder and President La Monte Young’s international stature and influence on composers of his own generation, such as Terry Riley, Terry Jennings, Henry Flynt and Jon Hassell, as well as his impact on movements such as Minimalism, Concept Art, Fluxus, and pop culture, including Andy Warhol, Punk Rock (the Velvet Underground) and Ambient Music (Brian Eno), is well-documented. Today Young’s inspiration continues as teacher and mentor to yet another generation of composers and artists.

Musician magazine stated, "As the acknowledged father of minimalism and guru emeritus to the British art-rock school, his influence is pervasive," and in 1985 the Los Angeles Herald Examiner wrote, " for the past quarter of a century he has been the most influential composer in America. Maybe in the world." In Minimalism:Origins, 1993, Edward Strickland added, “Young is now widely recognized as the originator of the most influential classical music style of the final third of the twentieth century.”

Nonetheless, as a result of the commercialization of the recording industry and Young’s longstanding unwillingness to compromise, many of these essential works of contemporary music have been unavailable. The Gramavision label produced several outstanding recordings of Young’s work in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s but their efforts were not continued when the label was sold in 1995. Under the Just Dreams imprint, the extraordinary wealth of Young’s works and the vast archive of related material is finally being brought to the broader public.